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Our Values

Quivan believes that in the process of career building of the unemployed youth through skill development and employment a new generation of Indian Citizens with sense of Values is also created. It is not only the materialistic skills to be imbibed, but also value addition and its appreciation in developing a good human being is necessary.


Quivan contributes to this effect by example through its own sense and appreciation of values.



Work, cause and effect of failure or success must be with a conviction of following truthfulness.



Knowledge is wealth, so also is skill. Acquiring more and more knowledge and skill must make us more and more humble.


Self Esteem:

Each and every individual is equally important to Quivan and the Society at large. Everyone must feel with conviction that if someone can do a piece of work effectively and efficiently so also any individual can do.


Respect to Work:

Each and every Activity, each and every Task carried out are no less or more than others. All activities and all tasks provide valuable knowledge and skill and must be treated with respect.



Quivan believes that all the skill development training, testing and placement services aim to foster societal growth and benefit and accomplished through transparent operations along with trainees.


Strive for Excellence:

What Quivan does is best. Still it strives for better and better. This is the Environment in which the trainees will be acclimatized, a principle of Continuous Improvement.