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Self-Paid Courses

Quivan has designed a number of courses to various Clientele Need Satisfaction especially for placement abroad. These trainings are exhaustive in nature and always residential for developing the attitude of working and living in a group.


The Training Infrastructure and the Training Curriculum at Quivan is developed as per design of the Clientele abroad and are totally based on skill requirement on the Job. The workshops are laid out specific to the curriculum based workshop exercises. Classroom teaching is totally job knowledge requirement based. Instructors are specially trained for result oriented task based training.


There is a wide range of courses covering Petroleum, Ship Building and Repairing, Fabrication, Construction and others. Construction Courses are affiliated and approved by the Building Construction Authorities of Singapore (BCA). Other Courses are also approved and accepted by well-known industrial houses of Singapore, Dubai, Malayasia, Saudi Arabia and other countries.


It is needless to mention here that for the Self Paid Courses, overseas employment opportunities are wide open and the success rate in Tests and Interviews by overseas clients of the trainees at our Centers is very high.